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Introduction to Letterpress Printing

Time 4-5 hours

Class Investment $250. (per person)

Student Limit 2 to 3 students per class

Dates: Saturday, October 15th from 12:00 - 5:00

          Friday, October 28th from 12:00 - 5:00

          Saturday, October 29th from 12:00 - 5:00

Notes: Special dates can be arranged if you would like to assemble a class of 2.

About the Introductory Class Learn to print on two 1930 Platen Presses, one powered by a foot treadle and the other by a motor. Set among the beautiful backdrop of trees on a mountain road in Huntington, Vermont, you will learn the basics including the general mechanics of the presses as well as preparing them for printing. We will discuss the properties of different papers and why some are more suitable for letterpress than others. You will choose what images you want to print from my huge library of photo polymer plates to create your finished product.

What you will take home 25 note cards with envelopes and what ever else we have time to make. Past classes have also made gift tags and bookmarks.

What to bring: Bring snacks or lunch if you please. I will supply coffee, tea, seltzer and some sort of sweet! 

To Register  email: or call 802.434.2600 

About Letterpress Letterpress is one of the oldest printing techniques where a raised plate or type is inked and pressed into paper resulting in a sharp image that leaves a lasting impression. Each sheet of paper is hand-fed through the press one at a time and one color at a time.

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