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A Single Pebble


Evolution PT + Yoga

Evolution Prenatal + Family

Juliana Taylor Midwife + Doula

Sensory Network

The Lantern Bar & Grill

Nido - fabric and yarn shop

Perennial Studio

Mike Colon Photography

Jocelyn Filley Photography

Fresh Floral Design

John McConnell Yoga

The Smiling Snail

Queen City Soil & Stone

Susan Teare Photography

Small City Bee

Carrie Steele

Scenic Quality Consultants

Laurel Saville

Justin Westbrooks


Blackstar Engineering Inc.

Barrie Fisher Photography


Evolution Physical Therapy + Yoga  and Evolution Prenatal + Family Yoga Center have been very successful. This is one of the "go to" yoga studios in Burlington, Vermont. With their grand success they needed to separate the business and create 2 new logos, highlighting each specialty.

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